Call of Cthulhu

The corridor is dark, and it smells of dirt, mold, and decay, and another smell, one you cannot quite identify. It slopes very slightly downwards, and you can hear water dripping somewhere close. The walls are damp and almost slimy, and in the light from your torches, they look an unhealthy green.

As you make your way slowly down the tunnel, you hear a sound. It is hard to identify at first, but as you get closer, you can make out a chant of some sort. The sound echoes through the tunnel, making it sound as if there are hundreds of people chanting slightly out of sync.

The sound of water dripping is not stopping, and the strange smell is growing stronger. It is familiar, and somewhat metallic, and you realise, after a while, that the floor too is damp, and then wet. The floor looks black beneath your feet. But only when one of you steps in a puddle of the liquid, and it is ... squishy, in a very different way from stagnant water, that whatever is covering the floor here is not water.

One of you bends down, swiping a finger over the floor, then looks at it. In the light from the torches you see it now. Dark red. And then the smell hits home as well. It is the smell of blood. The floor is covered with blood. Fresh blood. Still warm to the touch.

You turn, then, heading back up the tunnel. The smell of blood is overpowering, and the chanting is loud now as well. And still, above the sound of chanting, you can hear your hearts pound. And as you turn a corner, you stop. The tunnel is gone. In front of you is just a wall. A wall of raw, unhewed stone, solid under your hands, though slick with some growth, the same kind that covers the other walls. It is as if you took a wrong turn. But there were no junctions, no other tunnels. Just this one single corridor. And there, on the floor, right in front of the wall, you can see your own tracks, looking as if they are coming straight out from the wall.

Then, and only then, do you realise that the chanting has stopped. Now only the dripping water can be heard. Then a strange sound behind you. You whirl, and look straight at a man. Or something that looks somewhat like a man. You see a head with bulging eyes, a strange crest, and his skin seems to shimmer. Then your torches, all of them at once, gutter and go out, plunging you into darkness.

And someone laughs.


Now, for those of you who have never played Call of Cthulhu before, or who might not even quite know what Cthulhu is:

Call of Cthulhu is a RPG from Chaosium Inc based on H. P. Lovecraft's (1890-1937) books. He created a world of horror, where ancient powerful beings lie sleeping or wanders between the stars. And humans are largely ignorant of this. Most people will never come to know the true horrors that once walked this earth, and hopefully never will again.

In other words, you'll play normal people. You'll have an education, a job, maybe a family, and though you may or may not believe in God, you will most likely never have encountered anything supernatural in your life, nor will you have much knowledge of the occult; to you, it will be gypsy women reading your future in your palm for a couple of coins, as entertainment, or maybe nuts or charlatans doing seances in smoke-filled, dark rooms.

NB! Call of Cthulhu differs from other RPGs in that to survive, you do not want to play a hero. Heroes tend to die early and horribly. In fact, the most useful skill you can pick is probably running. And make sure to run the right way. The opposite direction of where the screams are coming from...

For those of you who have read anything by Lovecraft, or who've played the game before, welcome back to this dark and terrible world.

Game blog:

Your character

You can play most any 'normal' person. Find a profession, create a background, and then we're almost there. Mind, your character may not have anything in the skill Chtulhu Mythos.

Most any profession of the chosen time will be acceptable. Journalist, writer, lawyer, private detective, biologist, teacher, doctor, nurse, soldier, you name it. Oh, do not let me forget the always-present professor of some obscure subject... Like an anthropologist with the mating rites of the Maori as his special field...


You have eight stats:

STR (Strength): 3d6

CON (Constitution): 3d6

DEX (Dexterity): 3d6

SIZ (Size): 2d6 + 6

INT (Intelligence): 2d6 + 6

POW (Power): 3d6

APP (Appearance): 3d6

EDU (Education): 3d6 + 3


Well, the skills will depend on what kind of character you're playing (obviously), and also what setting we'll be using. For an idea of skills and the system, Chaosium has kindly enough published a quickstart guide to CoC, and it will give you an idea of what kind of skills are available.


The year is 1930, and George V is the King of the United Kingdom and the British Dominions, and Emperor of India. He succeeded his father Edward VII in 1910, though his son Edward is taking over more and more of his duties due to the King's failing health.

It is June, and what will be known as the Great Depression has started. There is trouble brewing in the colonies, and in India, an Indian politician recently tried to declare Indian independence. And a man named Mahatma Gandhi is trying to incite the natives to riots against the British rule.

The game will start out in London, but you are free to play a character from almost anywhere in the world. So if the majority of you want to play Americans, that is not a problem at all. The main reason I pick London is because it is a city I know fairly well, whereas putting it in, say, Washington or New York would most likely let me make plenty of blunders, since I've never even been there.

And if you do not have a good reason for being in London, I will give you one, so do not worry overly much about that.

Keep in mind that this is 1930. There are plenty of prejudices and social restrictions if you are not white and male. If you are playing female, chances are you are not a soldier, or even a doctor (though that might be possible, there were female doctors at this time). But chances are you would rather be a nurse than a doctor. And if you are playing a character who is not white, this too will have challenges. You may be harassed by police, or others, you may be refused entry to places, people might not want to talk to you, etc.

The game itself

So, a few notes about the game itself:

When I GM, I tend to play fast and loose with the rules. To me, consistency and logic is much more important than rules. So even if the rules would permit you to do a certain thing, in some cases you might not be permitted to do it. And the other way around is true as well; even if the rules say a certain thing is not allowed, if you can convince me that it is logical, or physically possible, or whatever, go right ahead.

So, if you want to play, drop me a mail at starcat ( a ) and let me know what time period you would prefer, and what kind of character you want to play.


Suggestion for play schedule:


finish characters etc


first session


second session

(I am on duty 2011-04-30, so I do not wish to play, since I might have to leave)


third session


fourth session

Let me know if you can't make it.

And by then, we'll see how far we've gotten...(or if any of you are still alive. And sane. :P )


Magus - Samuel Keyes

Mayvik - Eliza Devereux

Silellak - Dr. Thomas "Magus the Great" Peterson

Stig - Victor Henry Fitzroy Devereux

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